Senior Writer, Content Strategist, & Editor from Miami

Looking for compelling stories?

Need someone to design a content strategy? 

Searching for a lead in creative process?

About Me

Hello there! Apart from dropping occasional pop-culture references, here is what I do:

I am a highly skilled and innovative Senior Writer with a passion for captivating storytelling and content strategy. With over 7 years of experience, a BA in Creative Writing, and a deep understanding of marketing and brand voice, I bring a fresh perspective to every project. 

From crafting high-converting copy and engaging narratives to leading cross-functional teams and quickly adapting to new projects, I excel in delivering exceptional results and driving others to their success. Let's collaborate and revolutionize your brand's content together. 

And, yes, I write books and create games too. 


Dasha Shareyko Dagayeva (CV) - Lead Writer.pdf