Work Samples

Senior Direct Response Copywriter (Integra Beauty)

Facebook Feed, Ads, & Scripts for Videos

Instagram Copy

Website Copy

Senior Copywriter (Uvoteam)

I was a writer for several years for a tech company Uvoteam. So I had a pleasure to collaborate and lead several successful teams as well as do all of the following: 

Game Writer (Play Me)

I worked as a Narrative Designer & Writer on one of the most successful romantic make-your-own-choices games - MeChat. 

Lead Game Writer & Designer (NetGame)

I was fortunate to collaborate with other Game Designers and cross-functional team to ship more than 10 slot games. Plus, I was responsible for all of the following: 

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Copy & design for loading screen

Copy & design for loading screen

Writer & Content Strategist (LoreHero)

Very much a passion project between a very talented writer and myself. Here are my core responsibilities: 

Editor & Ghostwriter

I did my fair share of freelancing too, especially when it comes to gambling content. I was tasked to: